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Kid's Corner

We know how important children are and how vital it is to create a good experience.
We strive to comfort your child and give them the best care needed at all times.

The First Visit

Each child is different. Some are excited their first visit. Some are frightened. By starting dental appointments early and routinely, you can help your child have strong, healthy teeth throughout life….and enjoy going to the dentist!


What age should my child first see the Dentist?

We recommend that your pediatrician evaluate the mouth every visit. If there are any concerns, your child should be seen by your dentist. By the third birthday your child should have their first dental exam.

What can my child expect in the first visit?

The first exam caters to your child. While waiting, we encourage your child to read a book or watch a movie. There is a TV in each room and many books located in the front entrance. We also have crayons and coloring pages. "Pictures" with a special "Camera" are taken, if your child is willing and able. Mical the hygienist has a lot of experience working with children. She will explain to your child that she is cleaning their teeth and making them shiny. She also applies bubble gum flavored fluoride as a prevention aid. Children who receive fluoride should not eat or drink for 30 minutes. A special toy box from the tooth fairy is available for your child to pick a gift for their visit. We also offer stickers.

Did you know?

Parents are always welcome in the treatment room, however most children do better alone. They listen more carefully to the doctor and ask more questions.

What if my child needs treatment?

Preventative dentistry is very important with small children. Dr. Chau may recommend a sealant be applied on your child's molars. This helps prevent cavities in the deep grooves of the molar. If good home care is administered and routine maintenance appointments are made, this may be the only procedure your child will ever have.

If detected early, treatment may be very minor and simple. We give children "Sleepy Juice" and explain everything that is going on. They are welcome to ask questions, and play with the suction and air/water tips.

Did you know?

Most children do surprisingly well with anesthetic, however some may be extremely frightened. If this occurs, Dr. Chau may recommend your child see a specialist called a pedodontist. This does not mean your child was bad, or didn't try. They are simply afraid. A pedodontist has more specialized techniques and equipment to cater to your child's needs and concerns.

To prevent your child from being scared here are some common do's and don'ts.

Do's and Don'ts
  • Don't let your child know you feel anxious about going to the dentist.
  • Don't let anyone (including family members and friends) tell your child scary stories about dental visits.
  • Do talk about the visit in a positive, matter-of-fact way.
  • Do set a good example by visiting the dentist regularly.

Important Information

  • Never allow your baby to sleep with a bottle or carry the bottle in their mouth throughout the day. This may cause a serious problem called Baby Bottle Tooth Decay.
  • Clean your baby's teeth and gums with a wash cloth, or a small soft tooth brush.
  • Never allow your toddler to clean their teeth alone. Most children cannot physically brush properly until the age of nine. Inspect your child's brushing.
  • Try to brush and floss so your child can see and explain to them why and what you are doing.
  • Remember to floss!  Children need to floss as much as we do.

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